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Cheap Flights to Ethiopia

Cheap Flights to Ethiopia

Ethiopia is located in Africa, you can get hot deals about Ethiopia through fareanywhere. But you have to keep in touch with our representative to get latest updates and rates for your desired destinations. You can plan your vacation at any time of the year but you have to book before 3 to 4 months to get the cheapest deals.

Best time to visit Ethiopia

Addis Abada is the head quarter of African union. Ethiopia has some of the best travelling destinations, you can visit anytime there. Almost throughout the year, the weather is good but best time is June to September when you get the cheapest rates.

Airlines in Ethiopia

British airways.

Turkish airways.

Qatar airways.


Virgin airways.


Cheapest airlines to travel Ethiopia

All the airlines have their own advantages, like some of them provide you cheap tickets, some offer luxury service and comfortable environment where you can feel relax, on the other hand some offer you quickest way to your destination. By keeping all this in mind, you can choose according to your desire. If you want to go as early as possible, pick the one which will go nonstop. If you want to enjoy your journey you can choose luxurious one.

Average ticket Price to Ethiopia

Rate of the ticket varies, if you book early you will get cheap flights to Ethiopia, if you book right on time, you will get higher rates. Standard rate for one way is almost 450 to 550.

What happens in case of cancellation?

In case of cancellation of the ticket, if you cancel your ticket at last moment then the procedure will be different but if the airline cancel the ticket, You will be offered with the voucher of the same amount which you can utilize when book your next ticket. Or you can refund your cancelled ticket amount.

Airports in Ethiopia

Addis Abada international airport is one of the biggest Airport nearest to the city. Asosa and Arba Minch also operates in the city.

Distance from Ethiopia to UK

It is almost 7 to 8 hours from Uk to Ethiopia, shortest flight you will get is 6 hours.