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Cheap flights to Nepal

Cheap flights to Nepal & Kathmandu

How much time early to book a flight UK to Nepal?

If you are planning to visit Kathmandu, Nepal, you should make your booking 61 days early than the actual date. In this way, you can avail cheap flights to Nepal from UK. Generally, when you book your flight closer to the departure date, a higher chance is that you will get an expensive flight.

Which day is cheapest to fly to Nepal?

Generally, it considers that Wednesday is the cheapest day to avail of the cheapest flight to Nepal from UK. Saturday is the most expensive day for booking a flight. 

When should I get the cheapest to fly to Nepal?

Try to get the cheapest flight to Nepal at noon.  Usually, flights are getting expensive in the afternoon.

When should I visit Nepal for an excursion?

You can visit Nepal anytime but, if you want to go for an excursion. There are a lot of festivals celebrated in different periods. If you visit Nepal in March, then you can enjoy the Holy. It is a festival celebrated with splashes of water and colored powder. In April, you can enjoy Bikram Samwat, Nepalese New Year. August and September are specified for Gai Jatra, the march of cows, Krishna Jayanti, the festival of the birth of Lord Sri Krishna; and Teej, the fasting festival for special women. Dashain is another festival that is celebrated continuously for 15-days as a national festival at end of September/October. Tihar, the Festival of Lights is in November and October. The Indra Jatra Harvest festival is held in Durbar Square for eight days every September when the Goddess Kumari travels in her chariot.

What is the peak season for visiting Kathmandu, Nepal?

August to October is deemed to peak season in Kathmandu, Nepal. May and June are likely best for visiting the mountainous areas as at this time weather are ideal.  If you are going to book some cheap flights to Kathmandu between June and August, keep in mind it is dangerous to visit mountain areas as this is monsoon season.

Why should you visit Nepal?

Nepal has importance due to spiritual enlightenment. Tourists would take flights to Kathmandu, Nepal for seeking spiritual satisfaction. It is a mystical destination and many visitors use it as a starting point for trekking vacations in the Himalayas. It has stunning temples and glorious monuments. One of the most breathtaking things in Nepal is the Swayambhunath stupa, which is also known as the Monkey Temple due to the monkeys they wheel about as if they own it.

How is Nepal’s climate? 

Nepal experiences four seasons. Spring continues from March to May, it is a wonderful season, and the temperature remains between 16-23 degrees. During this season, you can enjoy many stunning places with moderate climates. Summer continues from June to August and it is monsoon season which is likely not too good for Mountainers. Its temperatures remain 23-25 degrees. Autumn remains from September to November and is likely warmer than spring. Its temperature remains between 15-24 degrees. Winter temperatures range from 9-12 degrees. Before visiting you should get a piece of complete information about it. You can get hot deals the UK to Nepal for availing cheap flights.  

Airlines that operates flights to Nepal

KLM Airways

Fly Dubai

Air France

Air India



Turkish Airlines

Qatar Airways

Can I get cheap flights from the United Kingdom to Nepal for under £600?

Yes, you can get multiple cheap flights to Nepal From UK for under £600 but it varies from time to time. Even the cheapest flights are booked by multiple Airlines for just £571, but on average you have to pay £589.

Will I get a last-minute flight from the United Kingdom to Nepal for under £700?

It depends on time. Recently there was a hot deal from the UK in cheap tickets from the UK to Nepal in which 20+ open flights are going on within the next seven days for less than £700.